Lunifia is a French jewelry brand that embodies elegance, diversity and quality. Founded in October 2021, it is thanks to its famous fake piercings that Lunifia began in the world of jewelry. Since then, the brand has expanded its range in order to offer you the best.

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Our values

More than a brand, Lunifia is a message of confidence and love to all women. Since its launch, the founder has worked to bring you excellence through various actions:

1) Collaborate with the best factories to offer you quality jewelry, using specific materials that do not rust and are hypoallergenic to limit the risk of allergies.

2) Promote inclusion, by offering adjustable jewelry suitable for all body types.

3) Inform you about the risks associated with piercings in order to ensure proper follow-up of maintenance and thus avoid errors.

4) Give you a unique experience, mixing modernity and finesse. From the stone to the ring, nothing is left to chance! All the details are carefully thought out to make you smile every time you receive your package.

The founder

Passionate about jewelry since a young age, Aminata took the plunge for her very first piercings at the age of 12. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned...

Having multiple bad experiences with unprofessional piercers, poor quality piercings and a lack of information about the dangers to which she was exposing herself, she ended up with repeated infections as well as two growths.

Looking for a solution and not finding happiness, she took her courage in both hands and created Lunifia.

Why “Lunified” »

“Lunifia comes from the verb “unify”, and unifying women is one of our main missions: we want all women to feel beautiful and represented”


It is therefore with adjustable jewelry, adjustable rings and chains in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, that Lunifia includes all women.

The objective? Enhance bodies with diverse jewelry.

Lunifia jewelry

Fake nose piercing

Fake piercings are a must-have at Lunifia!

Many people have been disappointed with real piercings following their mishaps and no longer dare to pierce themselves. Conversely , some people dream of piercing themselves but first choose to go through an adaptation period with fake piercings. Finally, there are those who only want to wear a piercing on a special occasion.

Real piercings

“We know how difficult it is to find beautiful, quality piercings, which is why at Lunifia we did not hesitate to offer them. »


Made from hypoallergenic materials such as ASTM F136 titanium and 316L surgical steel, Lunifia piercings are designed for exceptional durability while adapting to your personal style. You will discover a diversity of unique designs to express your individuality.

Waist chains

The first collection of waist chains unveiled in 2022 has created real excitement. Lunifia was one of the first brands to make size chains from XS to XXL accessible, for all body types.

A true revolution, breaking the norm of single sizes imposed by the giants of the jewelry industry. Through this action, the brand wanted to highlight the woman in her entirety in order to reveal her femininity.

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