Comment savoir si votre piercing au nez est cicatrisé ?

How do you know if your nose piercing is healed?

How to know if your nose piercing is healed: signs and care When you decide to get your nose pierced, it is essential to understand the healing process to ensure successful healing. So I'm going to explain in detail the signs that your nose piercing has healed, as well as tips for caring for your piercing during this crucial time. The stages of healing a nose piercing Initial healing phase Right after the piercing, the area may be red, swollen and painful. This is a normal reaction of the body to the injury and do not panic, it indicates the beginning of the healing process. Intermediate phase of healing As the days pass, the inflammation decreases and the painful symptoms subside. The body works to regenerate damaged tissue around the piercing. How long the inflammation lasts depends on the area where you pierced yourself. For example, the cartilage is much more sensitive than the lobe. Advanced phase of healing As the weeks pass, you will notice that the piercing area becomes more stable and the signs of irritation gradually fade away. Don't panic if it takes time, not all skin heals in the same way. And some piercings, like the one in the belly button, can take up to a year to fully heal. Discover Lunifia piercings Signs of successful healing Disappearance of inflammatory signs When the inflammation subsides, the redness and swelling around the piercing subsides. This is a clear sign that the initial phase of healing is underway. Ease of movement When you can handle your piercing without feeling pain or discomfort, it is an indicator that the tissues are healing properly. Stability of the jewel A jewelry that is securely in place, without excessive movement, means that the hole has formed securely around the jewelry. Healing of surrounding skin The skin around the piercing returns to its natural appearance and the scabs disappear, indicating successful healing. Discover Lunifia piercings Care for optimal healing Maintain hygiene care Even when signs of inflammation disappear, continue cleaning the area with a saline solution recommended by your piercer. Avoid excessive handling Only touch your piercing with clean hands and avoid turning or moving it unnecessarily. Care when wearing jewelry If you wear jewelry, make sure it is made of hypoallergenic materials to avoid irritation. Opt for alternatives: fake nose piercings Avoid drilling yourself If you prefer to avoid traditional piercings, fake nose piercings offer a realistic option: you just slide it between your nostril, adjust it, and voila: it will look like you're pierced! Various styles Fake piercings come in a variety of styles: from simple rings to extravagant piercings, you can switch it up to match your outfit of the day. Discover Lunifia fake piercings 

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